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The perfect combination of design and art, this Contemporary Gold Statue Decor will make the perfect addition to your home. This piece is made from brass metal and has a gold finish on top. There is a rectangular block base on top which there are two line statues embracing. The statues have a very contemporary art inspired feel to them with slight texture. This piece will look great in any room of your home owing to the unique but minimal design and neutral colorway. You can group it up with other smaller decor piece or you can let it shine as a stand-alone art piece. 10" H x 3" W x 4.5" D
Color: Brass
Material: wood
Finish: Brass Finish
Style: contemporary
Dimensions: 10(H) x 3(W) x 4.5(D)

Contemporary Gold Statue Decor

SKU: 390121
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