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The Enara Collection is both art and functional objects. Marrying two of our favorites trends, terrazzo and terra-cotta, the Enara Collection’s interesting shapes are inspired by the landscape of the dessert.

Enara Bowl Pot


8.0”L x 8.0”W x 10.0”H

Weight: 8.0 lbs

Enara Sculpture


6.0”L x 4.0”W x 9.5”H

Weight: 5.22 lbs

Enara Petite Plant Stand


7.0”L x 7.0”W x 5.0”H

Weight: 3.14 lbs

Enara Grande Plant Stand


11.0”L X 11.0”W X 12.0”H

Weight: 22.0 lbs

Enara Collection

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