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The Pangolin Girl Noush Doll is lovingly made using a resin composite like cast and comes from a family run business who have a wide variety of Noush designs. In African culture, these dolls represent “little angels” looking after your baby. The Pangolin Girl Noush Doll will make beautiful statement in your home or be the perfect warm gift for expecting mothers.


From The Brand Botanical Boys

We source our products from South African artists who have their own sculpturing stall and usually are restricted to selling local.  We are very pleased to be supporting these local artists and buying from us opens up a fresh new international market for them furthering their work and bringing their craft to a new audience. 


Size: 14.17"H x 3.54"W
Made in: South Africa

Imported: London, UK

Pangolin Noush Doll

SKU: PAN1515
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